Friday, June 10, 2011

More painting tips

     I meant to post this yesterday, but it was just one of the rough days that just leave you with no engery. But here is the follow up to Tuesday's post. While I was musing over tips to share with you, I asked my facebook friends and family if they had any tips to share. This is what they came up with.

This is by far, the most helpful hint I received. It is an edger tool. My mom found it at Home Depot for less than $5. Don't try and paint without it!

  1. Don’t eat it
  2. Use paint
  3. Bristly end towards the wall
  4. (I have very helpful friends)
  5. Primer is a must when painting over colors such as hot pink...otherwise your first two coats of blue just look purple. (Note from me: Even the new paint and primer combos are not enough to cover dark teal, not even with two coats. Priming over dark colors saves a whole lot of trouble)
  6. Sanding cabinets may seem like a lot of work, but it's worth it if you want the paint to stick.
  7. Don't work past your light, or you will find splotches in the morning.
  8. Edger tools are awesome.
  9. Oops paint is a good buy, especially if you're a little flexible on colors. We've painted five rooms so far for just over the cost of one good can of paint.
  10. Painting in your underwear is a good way to keep paint off your clothes.
  11. Decide on quality of paint based on how long you will be looking at it. The longer the time, the more money you should spend on the paint.
  12. Patch holes, cracks, etc. a day ahead of time--the same day that you move furniture, etc. out of the way and cover everything with drop cloths.
  13. Expect to do two coats.
  14. Start with the ceiling.
  15. Always cut in first, then roll. (For anyone like me, who didn't know what cutting in was, it's just going around the trim and corners and ceiling (or anywhere tight or tricky for a roller) with a angled brush)
  16. To cover certain colors, you may need primer.
  17. Invest in some quality brushes, buy at least one good angled brush for cutting in the ceiling and corners
  18. Don't roll straight up and down, but do it at alternating 45 degree angles
  19. Oh, and always clean your brushes thoroughly right after you're done or they will never be the same!
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