Thursday, December 1, 2011

Changes of Fall

     A retelling of all the small changes brought by fall:

     The sky was the blue that is only seen on the crispest of Autumn days, easily seen through the leafless veils,

     All the grass stalks had grown tall and airy, and waved to the clouds that slowly drifted by.

     The purplest of flowers had transformed into strange alien beauties.

     Some fairy had painted the lowliest brambles with the colors of warmth they barely remembered.

     The fresh cut smell had faded from aging wood

     As it dryed and became light in the sun.

     Berries, though shriveled, shined with bright skins,

     As they gave their colors to quiet corners.

      Orange was found everywhere as leaves clung tight,

     And the wisps of new seeds waited for their turn to dance in the wind.

      Old dogs grew young and rolled in the leaves

      Watched by the cat who paused in his prowl

     To take a walk just to watch as time strolled by and changed all these little things.

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