blogs i love

     Dana from Made has a simply fabulous blog.  It has a little bit of everything from home improvement to sewing to wonderful snippets of her daily life.  Her tutorials are some of the best I have read. She is warm, welcoming, and her blog is delightfully real.  I'm very much looking forward to her next instalment of Celebrating the Boy with begins in February.
Dana Made It

     Morgan from Mrs. Priss has a heart warming blog on motherhood, frugal fashion and thrifty living. Right now her readers are following her  life after her second pregnancy.  She somehow finds the time to craft too, and her tutorials are very detailed and easy to follow.  I love her yarn wreath, and am planning to create one of my own to in the near future.
Mrs Priss

     Katy from No Big Dill is the blog I chec first every morning. Right now is having an amazing month long project called Once Upon a Thread.  She is hosting bloggers from all over the net to share their takes on their favorite childhood books!
No Big Dill 

And if you are still reading, check these out too!

The Diana Gabaldon Blog -blog by my favorite author
Elegant Musings -vintage fashion and sewing tips
Serenity Now - a wonderful crafting blog run by an amazing momma who is kind enough to devote her blog to other bloggers every weekend in her Weekend Link-up.
Lulu in Los Angeles - the daily adventures of a mother and wife in the bustling city of L.A.

Little Miss Momma- fun and inspiring posts on everything from how to blog to crafting
Qelti's Blog - a very little blog linked to the site of my first vendor.
Sisterhood of Secrets - a site to share the huge secrets of life in a loving environment.
Ruffles and Stuff - one of the best sewing and mothering websites ever.