Monday, October 3, 2011

Pink Nursery

     If you look for just a few moments at the next pictures, I'm sure you will be able to guess that we just found out that we are having a girl! We are both thrilled; everyone was convinced that it was going to be a boy. My parents-in-law even bet their youngest son dinner on it, I’m not sure where they are going yet, but I’m sure he was almost as excited as we were to get the news.

    One of the many reasons I’m so excited is because I finally get to use this fabric I fell in love with this summer (bought with many, many coupons to bring the price down to a very reasonable $35.) I started this afternoon with 9 yards of it,

      Now I have 2 crib sheets, made from Dana’s pattern, (I would love to show you all this arranged delicately over the crib, but we don’t have one yet)

     Two receiving blankets, made from My Longest Year’s pattern

     And a clean-up-cloth (really just a drool rag, but that’s not a very ladylike name.) I went a little crazy with my color-changing thread on this one, but oh well.

     I now have a little over 3 ½ yards left to scrape out curtains,(I’m looking at making something like these) a cover for a changing pad cover, a portable changing pad, and maybe even a diaper bag if I can stretch it that far (unlikely, I know.)

     But the really big new for me is that I think I have already saved us almost $30 (Prices on average from Amazon)

$30 for 2 printed crib-sheets
$30 for 2 receiving blankets
$5 for a drool bib 

-$35 for fabric bought this summer

     Then if you add in the curtains, changing pad cover, and the portable changing pad it makes a huge difference and comes to almost $100. So maybe that’s not a huge difference, but I have yet to find anything pre-made that I love as much as what I have just made. And I cannot stress how easy it all was. Ironing and then sewing straight lines. Anyone, and I truly mean anyone, can do this!

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