Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Craft Space

     I'm a fairly nosy curious person, and one of the many questions I have for other crafters is where do you work/craft/sew/scrapbook. I get horribly jealous when people talk about having a sewing room. Then I get kinda smug (I'm a horrible person) when people talk about how hard it is to find space, and having to work with a craft closet or nook. I get smug because I have manged to find a way to sew without even having a table.

     Our room has enough furniture for an apartment so needless to say it is a little cramped. (Back story for anyone who is wondering about this crazy set up of ours: The husbandman is headed to grad school at FSU in the fall, but in the meantime, we are staying with my parents so that we can work his old summer job. So I have a whole house at my disposal, but kinda tend to live in one room)

     Back to the main thought, I don't have very much space where I can feel free to make as much mess as I want. I know could go use the kitchen table, but then I have to be neat, and I get so easily distracted (by everything) that not much work gets done. (I usually turn the computer off altogether during the day so I don't check Facebook 10,000 times) The other downfall is that I have to clean up my work space every night. Or else we don't have anywhere to sleep. Because my main cutting/ironing/measuring spot is better know as the bed:

      Then if you take exactly five steps to the right, you run into my sewing space, better know as the couch and a TV table.

     I'm hoping that when we get to Tallahassee, we can find a two bedroom apartment, and turn the extra bedroom into a library/sewing room guest  room. It would be amazing.

     How about you? Are you a kitchen table crafter? Do you have a whole room to work with? Where do you find space for your hobbies?
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Cuckoo said...

You sound more merry since I last popped in. Glad for you.

I craft either on the sofa (crochet) or in the guest bedroom (sewing) funnily enough I have a post in draft form to showcase my crafty guest room as I have been inventive with the furniture in there.

I like the look of your big cutting board. Mine is totally inadequate.

the little wife said...

You should show off your inventiveness! I would love to see it. I would love any idea on how to stretch the furniture that we do have.
I love my big cutting board! We found it on sale for only $30. I couldn't believe it.