about me

     I am Mary. I am a little wife. And I love it.  I love being in love. I love crafting of all kinds, but mainly sewing and scrapbooking. I love having my hands busy creating useful things and my mind busy creating wonderful dreams.  I am girly to the utmost, sometimes silly, often childish, but these things make me me. I am willfully naive, mostly optimistic,  and a true hopeless romantic. I have a slightly more than healthy respect for Martha Stewart. I love pink, ruffles, lace, and most anything that would look at home at a tea party (unfortunately my husband does not). Anything vintage warms my heart.
     I often get teased by old friends about my fairy tale ending, which is really just my beginning.  I married my first true love, my high school sweetheart, the amazing husbandman.  We were married at an age most would consider too young, but our old souls tend to even things out.  We are both often told we were born (at least) fifty years late.  I would have been happy to be a 50's housewife, but am honestly grateful that it can be my choice, and not what is merely expected.  (Besides, modern appliances are really appreciated)
     My fictional role models are Melanie Wilks, Marmee March, and Donna Reed. My real-life role models are my mother and my aunt, both wonderful, kind, and loving women who serve as wonderful inspiration into the life of a wife.  I am a Christian, and hope to walk closer to Christ, my Lord, everyday.
     This blog is full of my creations, my thoughts, my dreams.  This is a place for me to share, to be honest, to be held accountable, and I hope in time you'll see it in the same light. I'll share recipes, home-making tips, laughs, good books, my thoughts, hopes and dreams, and anything else that my mind produces and my fingers type. Come on in, take your shoes off and settle down.

Welcome to my wifedom.