Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dress Up Bandanna

     This is one of the many projects that I start as soon as the idea pops into my head.  It was simple enough that I didn't take the time to sketch it out or mull over it. And now looking at the finished result, I'm really not sure if it is nearly as cool as I thought it was. Anyone else have projects like that? I'm still not sure if this is great or stupid, but I'm going to share it with you anyways. 

My old iron leaked something awful, and soaked everything I tried to iron. But I have a new one now!

     I made Dana's Hobo Sacks for my cousins' birthday party this weekend (they are two years apart, but their birthdays are on the 20th ad 21st, so a joint party makes a whole lot of sense.) But I quickly decided that it was no fun at all to give a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old empty bags as a gift. So I started thinking about what in the world to make. Mr. J.N. (the 2-year-old) is obsessed with trains, and trains made me think of conductors, and conductors wear bandannas, right? And come to think of it so do pirates, cowboys, and outlaws.  Miss C. loves any sort of dress up. Dress-up bandannas it is then! This project couldn't be simpler.

      Cut out two triangles out of any sort of fabric that you have one hand, sewing multiple scraps together if necessary. (This turned out to be a great scrap buster project.) My triangles are 21 inches long on the long side, and 15 inches on each short side.

      Placing the triangles right side together, sew along all three sides. I was worried that these wouldn't be big enough to tie easily, so I ended up sewing ribbons in at the corners. It is much easier to do at this step, instead of when they are done (it saves a lot of stitches from being ripped out and re-done) Just sew 4 inch-ish ribbons into the corners on the long side. Since you will be turning everything right side out, you want most of the ribbon to be tucked inside the bandanna.

     Make sure to leave a gap about three inches wide along one side so you can turn it right side out. I found that it helped a lot to back stitch on either side of the gap so that the stitches don't pull loose when it is all turned right side out. And the corners are much neater if this gap is in the middle-ish of the side.

     Turn the bandanna right side out, using a point turner (or a pencil) to push the corners out. Then iron the bandanna, folding the raw edges your turning-gap in, leaving a straight edge.  Ironing not only makes it look crisper, it makes the next step a lot easier.

     Then just top-stitch along all three sides. I used a contrasting thread and decorative stitches, but a simple straight stitch works wonderfully.

     What do you think? Perfect for pretend play, or just silly?
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