Monday, May 23, 2011

photobooth fun

      Two of the our good friends got married recently. Their wedding was simply fantastic.  Everything that could possibye be done by hand was, from hand dyed coffee-filer flowers to this amazing photo booth.  

     The concept couldn't be simpler, but it ended up being one of the highlights of the night. They created two walls that hinged together at a slight angle, and wallpapered them. Mounting thrift store frames, they simply cut holes through the wall, and watched the shenanigans start.

     Adding to the fun, they spray painted a patio table and two chairs (the wedding colors were aqua and fuchsia) and placed them in front of the "cafe" walls. There were soon sneak attacks, stolen kisses, and a huge amount of fun as the guests were given all the time they wanted to pose, act, and react.

      I would steal this idea if I could (but already being married, its hard to throw another wedding reception) it would also be a great idea for birthday parties or any other sort of bash where there is even a few feet of extra room.

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Lisa said...

love this, its soo creative!


the little wife said...

It was so much fun!

Cuckoo said...

What a jolly good idea!