Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A List

     I’ve been kinda blue lately.  I would have just started my last week of college if I hadn’t gotten this crazy idea to get married.  I have never once regretted this decision.  But after having gotten into the University of Mary Washington with honors, but then leaving with a far less than stellar GPA only to fail at online classes, after a massive bout of depression, it’s been hard to shut out the what ifs.   But I am not going to be beat by them, I’m tired of being blue.  So after much needed rant fest (my mom is the best listener ever) I came up with this list. These are all the things that college would have never taught me.  Some are things that I have learned the hard way, some have been really obvious.  But it is this knowledge who makes me who I am today.

80's night at UMW
50 50 things that college would have never taught me:     
  1. College (meaning in my case, four years at one of the best school in the state) is not for everyone.
  2. This in no way makes you less of a person
  3. It takes a level of maturity unknown to most college kids to see this
  4. If I had stayed, I would have been even more confused about what I wanted to do than if I had stayed
  5. I really do have the patience to work with kids
  6. Working with kids is the most fulfilling activity that I have ever done
  7. The perfect pie crust needs a little vinegar and an extra-large egg
  8. Not every cake rises
  9. Pleats are just as time-consuming and frustrating as I thought they would be
  10.  Hemming is overrated
  11. Bias Tape is not
  12. It is really and truly possible to find your true love in 9th grade English class
  13. Not everyone needs to date around
  14. Wedding planning is almost the most fun I’ve ever had
  15. Living in a tiny apartment with your husband is so much more fulfilling than having a whole house to yourself
  16. Dishwashers really aren’t overrated
  17. I run out of counter space way too quickly
  18. Sometimes it is just easier to lint roll the floor under the sewing table than it is to drag out the vacuum.
  19. Hanging out with other couples leads to conversation topics that actually make you feel like a grown-up
  20. It takes few years before you don’t worry about getting in trouble for things (I’m still not there yet)
  21. Parents will always been important
  22. Mom usually knows a better way to do things.
  23. Sleeping alone is really hard after two years of roomies and almost a year and a half of marriage (come home soon husbandman!)
  24. Not all income is disposable
  25. Those student loans still need to be paid off even if you didn’t finish
  26. Budgeting is kinda a big deal
  27. And really hard
  28. The Kiss
  29. Friendships fade, but love doesn't
  30. It doesn’t really matter where you worship, as long as you are seeking His will
  31. Not everyone is an idealist
  32. It really is better to stay away from politics, religion, and money in mixed company
  33. You can’t make everyone happy all the time
  34. Telling people what they want to hear will get you an A on a paper, but it makes you seems sleazy in real life
  35. A made bed instantly makes a room look tidy
  36. But an unmade bed makes a spotless room look messy
  37. Vinegar and baking soda are worth their weight in gold
  38. Home will always comfort
  39. True love is not fiction
  40. Long distance dating relationships are hard, but planning a wedding while your fiancée is 1000 miles away is nearly impossible (unless you just give up and make all the choices yourself)
  41. Disney movies will always make me cry
  42. Love really does make everything easier
  43. You are never alone
  44. Blogging is definitely underrated
  45. My photography skills need a lot of work
  46. Living in the middle of nowhere is the best place to live
  47. Driving a manual transmission is not as hard as it’s supposed to be
  48. I will always be a country girl
  49. I may never walk across a stage, but I know what I want in life.
  50. Being the Little Wife will make me happier than any cap and gown ever could
  51. Every end is a beginning
Our First Winter

     Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say college is unnecessary or unimportant.  Quite the opposite, for most jobs and people today it is crucial.  But it is certainly not for everyone.  And going straight from high school into a four-year school program really isn’t for everyone.  The most important thing I’m trying to say is that figuring all this out the hard way doesn’t make you any less.  It doesn’t make you any less smart, it doesn’t make you any less dedicated, and it doesn’t make you any less talented.  It just makes you a little different.  And for me, that’s perfectly fine. I’ll still be your friend, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Mary we miss you dearly! I'm so glad that you've been so happy in your new life adventure, you're certainly a very luck lady :). We'll be thinking of you for sure as we walk across the stage, not far from room 324 in Virginia Hall <3.

Anonymous said...

Reads like wisdom - which doesn't come from a book.

the little wife said...

Thanks! I miss y'all too. I was looking back at all the old pictures trying to decide which ones to put up, each one made me smile. If you'll let me know what time graduation is, I'll try to talk the husbandman into coming!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I graduated from UMW. :) Got married the same month that I transferred in...a lot of people don't realize that it is very hard to be a young married couple and also work and go to school full time. UMW is a very hard school too.

I liked your list! :)

Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party! Have a blessed Easter. :)

Paula said...

Fun list! I toured UMW long ago when I was college searching. What a gorgeous campus. College isn't for everyone and if you aren't applying yourself, why stay??