Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sheep Shearing

      Our sheep Aggie needed a haircut.

      So he got one! This was the first year he didn't faint, which seems to help the shearers a lot.  Yes, my sheep faints.  Apparently it's fairly common.  It's kinda sorta hilarious if you're not the one who has to drag him back to where he's supposed to be.  He once fainted on my bother in our creek. I guess trying to roll a 200 pound sheep up a creek bank isn't so funny in the moment, but it makes a great mental image.  (the creek is only about six inches deep, so no worries about drowning.)

     Aggie is kinda sorta a little overweight, I think his last weigh in was at around 300 pounds.  I guess it's what happens when you name a boy sheep Agnes, he develops a complex and uses food as a comfort. (We were told he was an ewe, but found out the truth when shearing time came around, but the name stuck.) It's not quite as bad as a three-legged sheep named Peggy though.

     Even though he made a mad dash for it when they were done, he seemed to quickly get over the trauma and even enjoy the breeze.

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