Monday, April 4, 2011


      Although I am a horrible bowler, there is something oddly satisfying about throwing an eight pound ball as hard as you can to see how much damage you can do.  I mean, most children were told never to throw things inside, and if that ball happened to knock anything over inside, at least a sound scolding usually followed.  But at the bowling alley this childhood lesson is completed ignored! At the bowling alley that the husbandman and I prefer, we are even told how fast we bowl, and how to best go about knocking even more things over!

     Sadly, even though the husbandman and I like to bowl, we don't go very often, because to be perfectly honest, bowling with just two people isn't much fun.  So whenever a group of people wants to go, we will always do our best to be there.  Especially if the group includes this guy (and his amazing parents, who happen to be some of our favorite people in the world) :

     The husbandman thinks he's a pretty cool guy too, he quickly found out that kids are even more fun to mess with than cats.

     He wasn't thrilled with me when I suggested that Pretty Cool Guy show him his MegaMind coloring book, but I had a lot of fun watching the two. (And playing with my new camera.)

     It might have been one of the oddest games ever bowled (for example it was played by Jon, Little Wife (who fussed because she originally had a boring name, and then fussed even more when they changed it to Whiny Pants) Violet, The Insignificant Other, George, George Point O, and Monster) and the bumpers had a bad habit of coming on randomly (they had help) but it was honestly the best day in a long while.

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Daniela said...

Cant even remember when I was bowling the last time... need to write this on my to-do-list :D

the little wife said...

You should go!