Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fabric Scrap Organization

     I’m really bad at before and after pictures.  I have been organizing today, and every project I have taken on would have been a great before and after… Oh well.  I don’t have a before picture of my scrap fabric bin, but I can share how I made such a vast improvement.  And yes, it is a vast improvement.  My scraps actually fit in my scrap bin! And they still fit even after I added all my yarn!

     My method to decide what it worth keeping and what is not is simple.  I asked myself one question, and poof! most of my scraps disappeared.  (Although this may not seem like a big deal to most people, I have *some* pack-rat tendencies, so I’m really proud of my latest attempts to get rid of unnecessary things)  I asked myself “is it worth ironing?” I’m not a big fan of ironing, but after several wonky outfits, I have found the importance of ironed fabric.  And so if the fabric scrap in question was worth ironing, it was placed in one pile, it is was not, it was trashed before I could think twice!

     After a quick ironing (it doesn’t have to be perfect because I will iron it at least once more before I use it) I fold the scrap into a roughly square shape.  This is easier said than done on some scraps.  But it can be done!

     When it is square, I put it into a pile with all the other like colors (I love to organize by color, if the husbandman wouldn’t have a heart attack, I would even sort my bookcases this way)

     Then I took some piping and tied it around each bundle (any string or yarn would work, I just had a lot of piping left over from my cupcakes.) And that’s it! Everything is now neat, folded, sorted, and easy to find!

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Meri said...

I don't have much fabric (mostly because I have a severe yarn addiction and if I started with fabric, my husband might just disown, but what a cute way to store it!!

stopping by via Serenity Now! :)

the little wife said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I gave up on my yarn storage, It's actually filling the bottom of my fabric scraps box...

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love the question--that's actually a great idea. I need to do that with all the extra clothes in my closet/hamper. ;)

Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :)

the little wife said...

Thanks! I have an unfortunate love of linen and hatred of ironing, it makes things a little difficult sometimes (and very winkly all the time).