Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winter's Last Fling

     We overslept for church Sunday morning, and during the chaos of trying to make both of us presentable, it never occurred to me to open the blinds and look out the window.  Luckily for me, for whatever reason, this did thought did seize the husbandman.  Confused, but willing to play along, I walked over to the blinds at his suggestion, opened them a crack, then squealed, did a happy dance, grabbed my camera, slipped into the husbandman's cowboy boots and clumped outside as fast as I could!

     Before I confuse you about why this sight was so important, let me share an important anecdote about myself.  I love snow.  I mean I LOVE snow.  In my mind it is the best thing ever.  Spring is beautiful, and I love spending time in the warm sunshine, and its a close second to winter, but nothing beats snow.  This is one of the reasons, I'm struggling with the fact that the husbandman has decided to go to FSU of all places for grad school.  Tallahassee, in August?! No snow, not even close.

     So when I saw about an inch of snow on the ground, in late March, it made my year! I don't think I have ever loved snow as much as I did three days ago. I was so grateful that it had come around one more time.  Moving to Florida is going to be hard for me, and I was so happy that He saw fit to send me one last snow storm, just a few days after we made the final decision. It had completely melted off by the time church got out, but it was there, it lifted my spirits, and it gave me peace.

     How about you? What sights make you melt inside?  Was Virginia the only place that got snow?

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I'm on Virginia too! We also got snow, and my daffodils were frozen. :( Great photos!!! Thanks for the visit. :)

the little wife said...

Our daffodils weren't too happy either, but I think everything else made it through ok. And I heard that the colder weather is actually better for the cherry blossoms. Thanks for returning the visit ;)