Monday, March 28, 2011

Camera Questions

     I'm back! The cupcake challenge went very well, I'll have a whole post on it up soon. How was your past week? I have a question for any camera lovers.  My little Fujifilm FinePix is struggling to keep up with the hard use I've been putting it through, and I think it is finally time to replace it.  These are the three I'm trying to chose from:

Fujifilm FinePix S1800

     This one is the one that I first wanted, it has all the  brand new technology that I love such as Smile and Blink Detection, Tracking Auto Focus, and Auto Picture Rotation.  It also comes with HD Movie Capture and an 18x Fujinon Optical Zoom Lens.  It has amazing reviews from every site I checked. The only con is its size. I love to be able to tuck my camera in my purse and just go.  This wont fit. 

FujiFilm FinePix Z800EXR

     This was my next thought.  Its compact, and has almost all of the features of the S1800, plus a few cool ones of its own like Motion Panorama 360 and a huge touch screen. But it does not have the smile detection or the tracking focus, which were my favorite things about the S1800

Nikon COOLPIX S4100

     This one is the dark horse.  I tend to have extreme brand loyalties, and I am used to the Fujiflim, I have never used a Nikon.  I know its one of the huge camera brands, I just know nothing about them personally.  And this model has no reviews.  That's big for me.  I don't how it handles or anything else about it.  However, it does have the smile detection I was looking for while still being compact.

     What do y'all think? What do you use? What do you recommend? What is your dream camera?
     Oh, if you wanted to know what my dream camera is, I'll show you.  This is amazing, it just looks breathtakingly vintage, add in the features, and its perfect. If I win the lottery, this would be it! (it even has it's own webpage...)

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Anonymous said...

Don't get Nikon. I've had so many problems with my pictures being pixelated and blurry.

the little wife said...

Thanks for the heads up! I really like my Fujifilm and think I'm going to stick with the brand.