Monday, January 24, 2011

March For Life

* I realize that by posting about this it will run the risk of alienation or even offending some of my readers.  And yet I think it is an important enough subject that I am willing to to run that risk. The following post is not meant to be offensive in any way, it is just my opinion.  As my opinion I believe it is the right one, but if you disagree, I respect that fully.*

     Today is the March for Life in Washington DC. I did not go, but know and support many who are there now support the cause of Life.  If you do not know, the March for Life is a rally and march in Washington DC every year to bring attention to the pro-life cause.  This is a link to their Life Principles that go into greater detail about what the march supports.

     Every year the March for Life gets less and less media attention. I am not trying to turn this homey blog into a political one.  This will probably be the only post that gets anywhere near that murky topic.  And yet I will post this one cause because I believe that this one cause goes far beyond politics, it goes far beyond religious belief, it goes far beyond any other debate. I think the heart of this cause is how we see others. How can we demand equality, equal rights, and the end of discrimination when our hearts feel no remorse when much of the current population is removing the next generation. Is that nor a far greater topic than the correct use of food stamps or who can have medical coverage? We are not just taking away the rights of the unborn generation, we are not just taking away their potential, we are taking away their very lives.  At the very least, is that not worth a few moments of thought?
     So I ask you, my readers, to take a moment to consider the unborn generation.  If you pray, pray for their lost souls, and that maybe, just maybe this cause will change the hearts of those in power. If you do not, perhaps just take a moment to think about what this cause stands for, and how many future doctors, lawyers, teachers, policemen, and other community servants have been lost.

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