Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Favorite Place to Work

     My Mom teaches horticulture at the local high school, and for as long as she has been teaching, her classroom has been my favorite place to work, create, or even just hang out.

     She has a traditional classroom, but just through her office is one of the best places ever.  This is her work room, it is filled with raised artist tables which are perfect for all manner of crafting and creating.  Ringing the walls are shelves, cabinets, and closets filled with all manner of treasures; ribbons, balloons, vases, and more craft supplies than I will ever have.

     My favorite part of the workroom is the flower cooler.  Every day there are new flowers, and I have always been welcome to take the left-overs from the school projects to do with as I wish.  I love playing with all the colors, sizes and textures to create something beautiful out of the castoffs. I don't have much of a knack for it, and I usually have to have my mom step in and rescue my out-of-bounds and dilapidated projects, but one way or other something beautiful gets made.

     Through the work room is the greenhouse, which, in my mind, is somewhat magical. It's warm in the winter, cooler than outside in the summer, brimming with beautiful colors and always bursting with something new.  My mom has a green thumb, almost anything will grow for her.  I try very hard, but my plants always seem to suffer for being taken into my care.  However, once in the greenhouse, they become unrecognizable, fresh and strong again, and always seemingly twice as big.  There are flowers and vegetables, of all sorts here in the green house, and even a small fish pond full of koi.

     The latest addition to the classroom has been a trough which serves as home to fluffy baby quail.  They were raised by the classes from eggs and will be released into the woods behind the school as soon as they are big enough to survive on their own

     Ruby and Gem, the resident doves, don't seem to mind sharing the attention in the least.  I had no idea how noisy doves were before my mom inherited Ruby.  They make what I call the evil clown noise which is the stuff of nightmare when it comes out of the dark late at night  (they come home with us during breaks.)

     This is in my humble opinion one of the very best places to be.  And a lot of my project tutorials photos will probably be taken here.  Where do you go when the walls of your small bedroom start to close in?

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stephanie said...

I think it depends on what I'm working on. Papers, probably the red room... Anything else, I like to be outside doing... I don't do crafts often, but when I do, they're usually messy so I end up going outside and getting paint on the grass... One day I painted picture frames and our grass was neon pink, green, and blue. It was pretty :)

the little wife said...

That does sound pretty! I need electicty for most of my crafts, so I can't go outside in the sunshine as often as I want. But it is a very good idea to paint outside. Staining dressers can be very messy too... (don't ask.)

stephanie said...

Well... of course if you tell me not to ask I will... But I will do so when we're actually chatting.

Southern Fried Gal said...

Hello! I'm stopping over (a little late) from Amanda's Bliss party. It is so nice to meet you! Welcome to blogging. It is wonderful on most days. I struggle most with keeping everything balanced.

I love your mom's craft room. How wonderful to have a space like this! I am like Stephanie - if I can get outdoors then that's where I go. Otherwise I enjoy my office/craft room, too.

Have a blessed weekend!

the little wife said...

Thanks!! I love blogging, I'm still trying to figure out blogger, but I think everything will soon reach my vision (hopefully?)
I love this room. It's not really designed for crafting, but I use it all the time! Right now we're snowed in and I have taken over our warm living room rather than be banished to the freezing depths of basement bedroom.