Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update on Blanket

     Sorry about not posting yesterday, the Husbandman and I were at his parent's house until well after eleven and when we got home I just crashed, I did not pass go, I did not collect two hundred dollars, I just crashed.

     But today I wanted to share my progress on the blanket with you. I have left to do is put on the quilt binding and throw it in the wash! I have three more tips to share with you.

      I pushed a knitting needle down each row before I cut it, this helped a lot to break up the glue and made cutting so much easier. Relatedly, I also suggest that you go easy on the glue, only using as little as necessary to keep everything just barely together. Then use safety pins for the main “slippage” prevention. It is much easier when you are trying to cut each row.

      Lastly, I only cut through the top three layers, not the top four. This gave a prettier backing, as you will see the lightest shade of green instead of the backside of the fabric, it also, as my mother said it would, gives the blanket a much sturdier frame.

     And so I'm off to finish this blanket and start the next one, I'll post pictures this evening if all goes well! (They really are a lot of fun, and are so rewarding, I never thought I would have the patience to make one, but I promise, it is not nearly as mind numbing dull as you think they will be!)

As a very proud side note for me, as you can see, I have begun to figure out my camera! (It actually zooms and somewhat focuses!)

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stephanie said...

so pretty! and it looks so soft.

the little wife said...

Thanks! It really is, I'm so proud of myself, it has turned out a whole lot better than I thought it would!