Friday, January 14, 2011

Sewing Buddies

      At the risk of sounding like a crazy cat lady; these are my sewing buddies. I'm not much of a cat person but I must say that they have grown on me in a huge way since we've been home. They keep me company when the husbandman is at work and class. Our room gets direct sunlight most of the morning and afternoon, and they love to stretch out in the sunbeams and snooze. And oddly enough, its a stress reliever to have a furry purry nearby, nothing seems to be quite such a big deal. I guess they're kinda like the stoners of the animal world.

Ranger is also my blogging buddy, and no, typing with both hands is normally not an option.

     I think its funny how much more cuddly they get as the temperature drops. I should probably be offended for being used as a heat source, but they keep my lap warm too, so I don't complain much. 

     Ranger (the orange one) in particular wont have anything to do with anyone when its warm outside, but as soon as he's cold, he's quite vocal about wanting a lap to sit in. Cally (the white one) thinks hand sewing is the best thing ever, felt and thread are apparently impossible to resist batting at. (I can't blame her, the way she sits, her nose is only inches away from the thread.)
      On a completely random note, did you know you can make butter in a food processor? I'm going to have to do a post on it, because it is so unbelievably easy!!!


stephanie said...

They look so innocent until they follow you around and you know they're plotting against you :P haha

the little wife said...

I was convinced they were plotting against me for awhile, but then it got cold, and they need me. ;) Besides our cats are so mellow, I don't think they would actually flow any plot through. My mom acidentally shut Cally in the door the other day, and she didn't make a sound or try to move at all...