Thursday, January 13, 2011

Felt Cupcakes

     These are what I was working on yesterday and today. They are still prototypes, I'm not quite happy with them yet. The biggest thing is trying to figure out how to make them quicker. I'm making them for a fund raiser for my aunt, and want the end price to be reasonable. Any suggestions? I think I'm going to try them with hot glue and see if that helps. 

      I have a strawberry cupcake with lime green icing, a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing and a strawberry and a chocolate cupcake with strawberry icing and a strawberry. Which is your favorite?

      I have a couple more ideas floating around in my mind about topping options. I'm going to try and figure out how to do a rosette tomorrow.


stephanie said...

My favorite is the chocolate and strawberry cupcake! I thought it was real at first, then I read the title of the post :P

the little wife said...

Really? That's what I was aiming for for!!!