Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Butter in a Modern Kitchen

     As I said in my last post, you can make butter in a food processor.  My mom told me that it was possible but I didn't really think it would work. Everyone knows making butter is hard and time consuming, right? Even if you do it girl scout style and just shake the can instead of finding a churn, it still takes forever and makes your arms hurt.  So I tried it and nope, its not hard or painful at all. It takes all of three minutes in a food processor. And in case you still don't believe me, (I wouldn't if I hadn't tried it myself) I have proof...

     All you need is this (we had a bunch left over from Christmas, it was supposed to be turned into whip cream and ice cream, but that didn't happen for whatever reason)

    And one of these, and a dash of salt.  Really, that's it.

      Add the heavy whipping cream and the dash of salt to the food processor, and turn it on.  (Really, that is the hardest part)

     If you were making whipped cream, you would stop here, but don't stop yet. (Its been about 45 seconds since you started the food processor)

     About a minute later, it will look like this.  But don't stop yet.  You're almost there, I promise.

      After about another minute it will look like this.  It has gotten very thick, and has started to crumble.  Mine stopped rotating in the food processor and just kind turned over and and over rather than going around and around.

     Put it in a pretty pan and that's it. I would refridgerate it for a few hours before you put it out on the table, its very soft.

     At this point you realize that you have made butter in about three minutes, and feel super accomplished. Find a comfy chair and get back to your reading.  And when anyone asks what you did this afternoon, tell them the truth, you made butter.  They'll all be very impressed at your hard work and homey skills. No one ever needs to know how easy it was, do they?


stephanie said...

Was it yellow when you were done? or do you have to add a little food coloring so it looks like butter? I've never seen white butter and I would be a little leery (spell check?) to try white butter. (Yes, I am a butter racist :P)

the little wife said...

It's not yellow, its not as white as milk, but its not quite yellow either. It's the flash on my camera that makes it look so yellow. You could very easily add food coloring if it would make you feel better, it's what the big food companies do. ;)

Kathy said...

My mom used to make it in the blender and she would use the cream off the top of fresh cows milk that we got at the amish farm down the road from us in PA. I didn't like butter then, dad ate it and the rest of us ate margarine. I now keep butter in the fridge all the time!

the little wife said...

I've never like margarine. It just tastes fake to me. I love fresh butter, it makes everything from broccoli to biscuits just taste better.