Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mouse Hat

      This was my attempt at Inner Hooker's mouse beanie for Miss G. (If you crochet and don't know Inner Hooker, you need to look her up: Inner Hooker)  It looked adorable and very easy to do. Mouse Beanie.

     It crocheted up very quickly, the directions were very clear, and I had it all but one ear done by the time we got back from visiting my grandparents.

      The only problem: I forgot to check my gauge. And the hat is just a wee bit bigger than it needs to be... And Miss G looks thrilled to get a hat she wont be able to wear for years. But we all got a laugh out of it, I guess that made it worth it.  And hey, in a year or so, she'll have a really cute beanie!

     Moral of the story: if a hat made for a 9 month year old looks like you could wear it, it might be a little big...

1 comment:

stephanie said...

Mary! This is tooooo adorable! When I have kids, I'm going to hire you to make them cute things like this. :P