Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's To-Do list

     Lulu in Los Angeles had what I think is a wonderful idea.  Instead of creating resolutions for the new year, which never seem to last past a few days, or even a a month if we really work hard, she wrote a to-do list!
I love lists.  I often lose them as soon as I write them, but it is a habit I picked up from my college roomie and have never seem to have gotten over.  So I am going to share my to-do list with you, so that I can't possibly lose it!

1. Create a button for my blog. CHECK
2. Blog every day, even if just a few lines or a photo.
3. Find a job, preferably working with children or somehow maybe even working my love of sewing into a real job.
4. Finish my last online class with a B or higher.
5. Do something crafty at least twice a week, may it be a sewing project, a bracelet, a hat for Miss G, or even a scrapbook page.
6. Read every day, even if just for five minutes before going to bed.
7. Get involved with my church community.
8. Read a bible chapter every day to keep up with our Church's bible reading plan.
9. Spend time with my family every day, and really take advantage of the fact that we are living with my parents and 15 minutes away from the husbandman's parents.  I'll need to soak up these times for when we move away again so the husbandman can go to grad school.
10. Get a dog.  I don't like being by myself, and for those times when I'm home and the husbandman is working ridiculously long hours or at a class, I'd like some company. And having to walk a dog (when we move back into a apartment) will help me get the sunlight and exercise that is supposed to be another to-do. (But I like the evenness of ten, eleven bothers me (yes, I'm one of those number nuts), so I'll just tuck it in here)

I think I can stick with all this.  I don't think any of it is too difficult... I may be sorry in a few months, but we will just have to see.

Check out lulu in los angeles for the post that inspired me!


stephanie said...

Good luck with your to do list! I like this idea a lot better than resolutions. I already broke all of mine. haha

the little wife said...

I love this idea! I'm so glad I stole it, it seems much more offical and steady than resolutions. I break those so quickly. But a to-do list... That's a horse of a different color.