Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hope Chest

     I wanted to show you one of my greatest treasures today. As a wedding present, my dad made me a hope chest. I, being the odd one that I am, have wanted one for a long, long time. I expected a skillfully made cedar box. I got a treasure chest, far beyond my wildest expectations.

     See how amazing it is? I used to creep out to my dad's wood shop, and peek in it, but even seeing it being created was nothing at all like seeing it finished. I love this flourish in particular, because it reminds me of a similar flourish above my parent's old bed. It just makes me feel safe and happy whenever I see it.

     The details alone make it stunning, the chest in it's entirety make it an heirloom. It even has a secret to go with it (but I can't tell here, or else it wouldn't be much of a secret!)

     One of my favorite things about is that it is lined with cedar, which is not only very practical at keeping out bugs and such, but it makes anything that is kept in it smell heavenly! I don't think it will come as much of a surprise to anyone that this is where I keep my fabric. Not only does it keep everything neat, organized, and smelling wonderful, it allows me to set a limit of how much fabric I horde keep. Right now it is almost full, so I am limiting myself to what I already have for my next several projects.

     Do you have a special gift that will last generations? Or one that is not only a gift, but a act of love?

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Daniel W said...

That chest is beautiful, and it's even more awesome that your dad made it. I really love wood, and I love the smell of cedar as well.

Mom said...

Amazed that you still remeber the old bed headboard!

Anonymous said...

I have a gift. Her children and their children will ensure that her talents will last for generations. Her faith will ensure that she lasts for eternity.

the little wife said...

Mom, I loved that bed!
And thank you. My brother and I both have these gifts, though they manifest in different way according to our personalities. I really hope this gift of both creativity and the ability to carry out those imaginings will continue to be so strong passed down through the generations.