Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby Kimono

     The other day the husbandman pointed out that I hadn't posted my latest project. In all honesty, I wasn't sure if I was going to post it at all, its not very "me". But it is one of the husbandman's favorites, so here it is, just for you.

     Yes, those are Florida State colors. I really wanted to keep using the butter yellow that I mentioned in my last post. It really is lovely. And when I saw that I had maroon, (I've just been informed that it is really garnet, sorry) I decided to go for and see if I couldn't pull if off and support the husbandman's team. (I'm a Virginia Tech fan myself, and yes, this causes occasional conflict, but we won last time and that's all that matters)

     The pattern is from on of my favorite books, Weekend Sewing, (which I reviewed here.) This is one of the best sewing books I have ever used, and still wildly recommend it. This pattern came together in a little over an hour, and would have been done much sooner if I had not insisted on using french seams. (I hate exposed seams) I would not recommend using french seams on this pattern though, although all the seams are straight lines, it makes the shoulder seams a little wonky.

     I'm super excited to show you my next project though, and will post pictures as soon as I finish it. I found maroon suede in my hope chest, and have gone to town with it! But then, who can resist suede?

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Meri @ twofive365 said...

So adorable! Your bebe is going to be so cute in it :)

Amber B said...

Baby Moury takes karate!;)

Mom said...

This is a throw back in style to baby shirts of the 50s and 60s. Grandma made them for all of Sharon's & my baby dolls!

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh YaaaaH!! Baby Samurai clothing. Haauuuuhhhh.

the little wife said...

I can see why they would be so popular! No need to fight to get babies head through the neck, and they are so easy to make.
And I'm sure Baby will have several uncles happy to show off the best karate moves.