Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Sewing Book Review

     The good news ~ Since I had to push the Baking Marathon back, I had time to finish a book review that I have been working on for a little while now!
     The really good news~ It's Friday! Happy Friday everyone!!
     The bad news ~ What bad news, it's Friday!!

Now onto my Book Review
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What is it?
      Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching by Heather Ross

Where Did I Find it?
     Borders.  Yes, I paid full price for it, yes, it was an impulse buy.  It was worth it! But, I would highly recommend getting it from Amazon if you are at all comfortable shopping online.

     Everything I have made from this has come together so quickly and easily.
     The three projects I have made so far have all been sewn in an afternoon (one afternoon each- sorry if that was confusing) These projects could very easily be done in a weekend, even if you only have a few hours of free time.
     The fit on everything is great
     The book is great to just look at, it's beautifully done.
     Heather Ross clearly knows what she is doing and is obviously sharing tips and directions from years of sewing.
     It makes a fun read, even if you don't make anything (but that would be a little silly, because these projects are so fun and easy)
    There is at least one project for everyone.  They range from overnight bags, to Huck Fin style pants, to house slippers, to dresses for nights on the town.

     It probably wouldn't make the best book for a first time sewer.  The directions assume you have the basics down already.  But it makes an amazing second, twenty-second, or two hundred and twenty-second book!

    I thought I would share the sneaky way I rigged my photo-shoot.  Ruffles and Stuff has another Great Idea, but I didn't have curtain rings and its hard to nail anything into stone. I just took my giant cutting mat (it was gift from my mom when I first started sewing, and I use it for everything!) propped it up against the house, and then hung the hanger from a stone sticking out of the wall.  Very easy, and it let me get the outside light. 

     Oh! And a quick tip! I had to look up "it's" versus "its" to make sure I had it right and found this great way of thinking about it. Its is for possession, just like his and hers, none of the three have apostrophes.

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