Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Lesson

     My lesson for today may not be relevant for everyone. But I know I am not the only one who needs to relearn old lessons. I happen to be pale.  Rather extremely pale. In fact, I have been called "see-through." After getting my back scorched in Italy when I was 11, I gave up all hope of ever being tan, even slightly tan.  I gave into long sleeve tees shirts at the beach, and floppy hats, and most important of all, lots and lots of high SPF sunscreen.
     When Neutrogena came out with their Ultra Sheer sunscreen, it made my summers so much happier.  The greasy feeling I had begun to live with was gone! And I faithfully applied it every time I knew I was going to spend more than five minutes in the sun. Until this Saturday.  I left it in the car. And the husbandman took the car to go see Fast 5 before I realized that it held my key to a painless outdoor venture. And it was so nice outside, that I did what I knew I should never do. I spent the whole afternoon lying in the sun happily reading my book.  I was in the shade, I thought that would be good enough. When the wind picked up, I even went in a put on a long sleeve shirt.  What I didn't realize is that is my shade moved throughout the afternoon, and the wind picked up, and I didn't notice.

     Long story story short, I burned the living daylights out of the back of my legs. And the sad thing is that I knew better.

Lesson for today:  Take care of yourself, take the time to do it right.  We only get one body, and it hurts when we are "to busy" to take care of it.

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Daniela said...

Girl, did you already answer my letter?? =))) Didnt arrive until now ...

stephanie said...

I love sunburns! They make me so happy :)

the little wife said...

This one was far too painful to make anyone happy at all.