Monday, May 2, 2011

Pretty Print

     This Saturday I decided to take advantage of the amazing weather and go outside to read. (More tomorrow about the adventures that you would never guess from this bland, simple sentence.) I spent most of the day reading, but since I had taken my camera with me (its just habit now.) I decided to take some pictures. Most of them are nothing special, but there was come that caught my attention even as I was taking them.  I just lay on my back under the dogwood tree and shot pictures from every angle I could think of.

     Wouldn't this make a really pretty print? I kinda wish I had some way to make printed fabric, because I would love to play with it. The print on a large scale for a loose, billowy summer top, or on a smaller scale for pillows or sheets, or even smaller yet for a vintage style dress for little ones.

      Are you ever caught unaware by the simple things?   

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Daniela said...

the pictures are great, although there are nothing special =))

the little wife said...

Thanks! I loved how they instantly became abstract for me. It's the opposite of what my mind usually does and it just snagged me.

Anonymous said...

Great eye for pics. Always enjoy the scenes you snap.

the little wife said...

Thanks so much! I'm trying to learn as much as possible, it is so nice to be able to share what I see, how I see it.