Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Painting Tips Learned the Hard Way:

     I mentioned my battle with painting the bathroom a couple of post ago. I’m planning on doing a big before and after post, but I thought that in the mean time I’ll share what I’ve learned so far as a huge Tuesday’s Lesson.

     But first, I just have to mention this amazing site I found. I think I might be the only one who had never heard of them, but I still want to recommend Young House Love to anyone who is thinking about any kind of home renovation, or even just painting a bathroom. I really wish I had read their painting tips post before I started.

Painting Tips Learned the Hard Way:

1.         Don’t spray a roller brush with a high powdered hose. Actually, that one turns out kinda cool, but only if you are wearing painting clothes and aren’t standing near anything important.

2.         Painter's tape works, but if you are working in a room that gives the dehumidifier a full bucket twice a day, it only works if you forcefully press it against the wall. And make sure the wall you’re applying it to is really and truly dry.

3.         Wait for each coat of paint to dry fully before putting on the next one. That is, unless you like walls that are slightly sticky for days after they have been painted.

4.         Don’t expect to get more than one coat on in a day when the humidity is so high that you can almost wring the air out.

5.         Keep a wet rag nearby. Always. But said rag will also work as a dandy paint brush if you’re not careful. Rinse it out a few times every painting session.

6.         Even if your orange is completely the wrong shade of orange, don’t pour it into the yellow paint until you are absolutely certain you won’t need any more yellow paint. It does make a lovely shade of Caribbean orange, but that doesn’t change the fact that you still need yellow paint.

7.         Paint drips. Even if you by some miracle keep it off the floor, it will drip down the wall if you try and put too thick of a coat on. And it will most likely do this dripping only after you have left the room and gone into town.

8.         And drop cloths actually have to be flush against the wall if you want them to work. After painting my bedroom, I was forced to get creative about furniture and rug placement to keep my parents from knowing exactly how bad some of the spills were. I didn’t think about what would happen when I moved out, but luckily I was in Arkansas at the time, and couldn’t be fussed at!

9.         If while reloading your roller brush, you stand up too close to the wall you’re painting, you will get paint in your hair. A lot of paint. And you won’t know why everyone is laughing at you until you go to shower. I can’t see the top of my own head, but everyone else over the age of about 13 can.
10.     Pull painters tape off slowly, and keep your pulling hand (if that makes any sense) fairly close to the wall, I had a big problem with the paint coming with the tape. I had much more success when I pulled the tape off while the paint was still wet as Young House Love suggested.

Colors I used :    Valspar Island Orange
                          Behr Caribe
                          Behr Twenty Carrot
                          Martha Stewart’s High Gloss White
                                                                                                                                   I linked to:

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Katie @ Newcomb Home said...

Great tips! Thank you for sharing!

One I learned the hard way: If you look up while rolling the ceiling, paint will stick to your contact lenses :)

Anonymous said...

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