Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I spy

      One of my favorite blogs, Little Miss Momma has started a weekly I spy post.  I loved the idea, and really wanted to play along.  But this week's topic is The Neighborhood.  And I don't exactly live anywhere near a neighborhood.  So I'm cheating a little and tweaking so that I can show you my "neighborhood" (just pretend that the trees and sheep and neighbors!)

     I was having a really crummy day today, and so rather than stay inside and risk exploding, I went for a walk. Wanna come along?

      The first thing that I see everyday is the tree graveyard.  (No one calls it that but me) But several years ago, Hurricane Isabelle ripped through here and tore up a lot of huge trees.  Our neighbor (a real human neighbor!) piled all the downed trees here. 

     I think this one looks like a headdress.  The barkless space just needs a face so that everyone else can see it too!

     We hike through the woods, and finally can see the water that has been rushing through the creek bed.  Running water is one of the most peaceful and relaxing sounds on earth.

     Maxi is one of the best walk companions.  Danny loves walks too, but he didn't notice when I slipped out, and got left behind.  Maxi will only go about 30 feet in front or behind you on a walk.  He didn't get why I kept stopping, but he always stopped too. Even when he could have been chasing squirrels.

    This is a plant that I snapped a picture of so that I could ask my mom what in the heck it was.  I dunno, it looks cool, and seems to like water. Anybody know?

      I love our creek.  It's not very big, but I am a huge water bug, and this always makes me feel better.  But it's still really cold. (No that didn't stop me from wading)

     The textures on this tree were just too great not to share

      Same here.  Who knew wet bark could look so cool

     Or that tree had wrinkles!

This is my dad's puddle.  It's a lot bigger than it looks here.  I think I came by my love for water naturally, cause my dad has little sun and shade ponds all over.

    Did I tell you that I love water? This spot and I were very good friends when I was sixteen.  I would write horribly sappy love poems to the husbandman (he hadn't decided that he liked me too, and I was sixteen after all) then I would stick the paper  in the cracks in the wall, or make them into origami boats and set them to float downstream. No, they aren't still there (do you really think I would tell everyone if I hadn't already checked?)

     This tree is one of the first things you see after turning into our road.  I love how it pulls the eyes up, and then higher still.  Almost like a cathedral.

     Here I raise my Ebenezer; Here by Thy great help I’ve come.

     This isn't just any hollow log.  It's a huge hollow log! How do I know? I've watched my bothers climb through it.  See how the wood twists? It makes awesome logs for my dad's rustic furniture.

     Going up the hill, you have two choices: over the meadow or through the woods!

     These steps lead to one of the greatest thinking spots known to man (or at least to me).

     Lucy Goosey keeps me company while I think (and Maxi stops for breath).

     Here is my thinking spot! Isn't it pretty?

    And this is the view! It's pretty now, but stunning in spring.

     And no walk is complete without saying hi to these guys!

   There's the husbandman! Apparently I forgot to tell him that I was going for a walk, and worried the heck out of him. (I don't usually disappear well.) Wave bye Husbandman!

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Karri said...

Wow - what a gorgeous place to be able to live by and be able to enjoy on a daily basis. And I totally agree about the sound of water being the most relaxing noise ever.

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

You live in one of the prettiest places ever! WOW, such beautiful pictures and what a fun walk! I am loving all those beautiful trees and the water is amazing!

What Sadie Did said...

What a beautiful area of the world (where is it!?) peaceful and calming. Lovely to share your walk :)

Sadie x

the little wife said...

Thanks Kari! I'm kinda ruing the day I have to move back out. I need to be around water, there is just something so magical bout it!

Thanks so much for stopping by Ashley! I had wished that the sun had been out, but there was something really cool about the shadows and fog too.

I'm so happy you enjoyed our walk Kari ;) We are in the very beginnings of the foothills of the Blue Ridge in Virginia.

Brooke said...

Great neighborhood!! I absolutely love the woods! I bet they are so peaceful!

the little wife said...

They really are! It's hard to be grumpy when all you can hear is the song of the woods. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I would love to live out in the wilderness...

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

Oh my, the composition of your photos is beautiful! My favorite is the one of the puddle with the reflection of trees. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello earlier today!! I'm so glad you did because it led me back to your lovely blog. ~Bri~

the little wife said...

Thanks so much! I am a complete amateur, but I love taking pictures, so I guess that's what counts.
Thanks for following the link back!