Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Farm Chicks' Red Velvet Cake

Today I made the Farm Chicks' Red Velvet Cake.

The Husbandman's Ranking: 9
The Little Wife's ranking: 8.5

     It has a real butter base
     It's tasty
     It's the perfect shade of red
     It has just the right amount of cocoa.
     It is really, really easy to make.


     Does NOT make cupcakes.  I repeat, it does NOT make cupcakes. They don't rise into a pretty dome.  They rise enough to spill over the edges into a pancake and then burn.

Other Notes:

     However, I have made this recipe many, many times before and know that it makes wonderful sheet or layer cake,  it rises just enough to fill a normal cake pan perfectly, and since it doesn't dome you don't have to trim your cake before you ice it.

     See, it makes very pretty cakes, just not cupcakes. But that's my fault for trying to make it into something its not...

     And since I don’t have much of a post tonight,  I’ll share a tip! If you ever have to fill an icing bag by yourself (having someone hold it open while you scoop it in is easiest, but it requires  4 hands) Put your tip on your icing bag and then put the icing bag in a tall glass or cup or mason jar (or whatever). Make sure you fold the tip up, so your icing doesn't leak out as you lift up the bag.  Then if you fold the top of the bag down, it stays open and doesn’t flop over! (oh, and a freezer bag with a very small art of the corner cut off works like a dream in a pinch.)

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stephanie said...

I thought they were cookies... and I was going to be really excited that you found a way to make Red Velvet cookies... However, I really love the picture of the cake.

the little wife said...

My dad said they would make great cookies. I think if you just add a little more flour...