Saturday, January 8, 2011

Slouchy Hat

      I woke up to snow this morning! That is the best thing possible, in my humble opinion.  It's like the whole world gets a chance to be pure and beautiful, even if just for a morning. But once I got out of bed I realized how cold it was (the luxury of down is that there could be a blizzard in the room, and I'd never notice) and that got me started on...

    ...My latest project; the Mademoiselle Slouchy Beanie by Inner Hooker.  I was exploring Michael's and found this amazingly soft yarn by Caron.  It is a part of their Spa brand and is a luxurious bamboo blend that has a sheen that is just perfect, almost like a pearl (if that makes any sense.)


      I think it turned out rather well, don't you? The only thing I changed was to add several extra rows (the directions say exactly where to add these in the pattern) to make it larger, since I was using a thinner yarn than what was called for.

It would also be very cute worn as a beret, or even a snood.  Now the biggest question is what to do with the extra skein and a half of yarn. I think a scarf is definitely necessary, maybe a really long one with pockets on the end.  What do you think?


Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

I adore this hat! And you look quite sassy and gorgeous in that 2nd to last picture, miss, I have to say!

the little wife said...

Thanks so much! I love that picture! It's my current favorite. The hat was sooo easy to do.