Saturday, January 1, 2011

the hardest part of moving-in

      So far the hardest thing about sharing a home with the husbandman has been consolidating our books. Not sharing space with another person, not fighting over covers, not having to agree on which movie to watch, but rather finding space for all our books.
     Cause you see, we have a lot of books. And I don't say that lightly, I love books, and my dream growing up was to find the library that The Beast gives to Belle and claim it as my own.

       I'm kicking myself for missing the photo op that presented itself yesterday when the husbandman brought home all the books that had been stored in his parents' attic.

     The sheer amount of books is really more impressive scattered across the floor in knee-high stacks. And when I say scattered, I mean filling the floor of our sitting area. So I leave you with that image, I'm quite sure your imagination is up to the task (whatever you imagine, the reality was probably more.) 

     I'll show you what all our books look like on the book cases (we have have five, yes five, (we have two stacked on top of each other because there is just not enough room otherwise) in a bedroom) cause even that is pretty dag-on impressive if I do say so myself.    

     And these are the books that are headed to the used bookstore, they are either repeats (of which there were many) or ones that probably will not be read again. But knowing us, the pile we bring home from the used bookstore will be just as large as the one we take.


Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

WHOA! That's a ton of books, man. I just went through our closet this weekend and found two huge boxes of my old books from when I was younger. It's so hard to find a place to fit them, it's true!

the little wife said...

Yeah, we're both book lovers. I even sunk to the level of trading my brother a ten pound bag of candy for his unused bookshelf...