Friday, December 31, 2010

baby-sitting on new year's eve

     I was slightly bummed out when I found out that the husbandman's grad school application were due tomorrow, thus cancelling any new year's eve plans. (Our first new year's eve as over 21's I might add.) But then I found out that my brother and his wife were bringing their beautiful baby girl over to spend the night at my parent's house.  My night was made!

     I work in a day-care with kiddos only slightly older than Miss G, so everything she doesn't shouldn't awe me.  But it does.  How fast she moves, how well she stands up, how expressive she is, how determined she is, how long her reach is.  All these things made me smile in wonderment. What a precious thing a child is, what an amazing creation.

     I could watch Miss G for hours and still be blown away by each little thing she does. And she's not even mine.  What a powerful thing God has given in the heart of the motherly. How well he knew us, even when the kids at the day-care do everything they can think of to drive me insane, my heart still melts when they bump their heads, or when a mean name is thrown their way.

      I could not think of a better way to spend the new year than with family, those who raised me, and those I will help raise. No its not they typical new year's night, no we may not even last till midnight, but it is a wonderful beginning filled with hope and love.

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