Tuesday, July 5, 2011


    My fourth of July weekend was made special by many things, but most clearly by two visits from this sweet little girl, my amazing niece (and soon-to-be big sister) Miss G.

    She still has much more fun with the hose than the pool, but watching her smile and laugh means that I will happily jump away and squeal "Oh no! Not the hose!" over and over again until she's either cold or bored. I think she is one of the most active little ones I've seen. She wore everyone out. She visited the goats ten times, climbed that stairs fifteen times (in fifteen minutes) and was outside as much as possible. In fact, the hardest part of her weekend seemed to be the rainstorm that kept her from her swing set.

    We finally wore her out, or rather let her wear herself out, and she crashed as soon as she sat still for even a moment. I don't think their is any antidepressant that comes close to matching the powers of holding a sleeping, cuddly baby.

    What moments or things always warm your heart, no matter how often they happen?
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Meri @ twofive365 said...

Aw! She is adorable! My kids always seem to like the hose more than the pool too, I wonder why that is? lol

Anonymous said...

Lots of dogs & kids running around your place. Must be hectic.