Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Marathon (Little Wife Style)

      Before I shock friends and family out of their socks, this isn't a running marathon, or even a Lord of the Rings movie marathon (although those are very common round this parts) this is the first ever baking marathon! More specifically, a Red Velvet Cake baking marathon.  It is also a competition (very sneaky on my part, I know) I want to know who has the best Red Velvet Cake. I love Red Velvet Cake, next to Angel's Food Cake, and my mother-in-la's strawberry cake, it is my absolute favorite. (I have a lot of favorites in case you hadn't noticed) But anywho, here is the line up:

On Monday I will be baking the old stand-by: Betty Crocker

On Tuesday I will be baking the new find: Pioneer Woman

On Wednesday I will be baking the family favorite: The Farm Chicks

On Thursday I will be baking the bar raiser: Martha Stewart

And on Friday I will be baking the classic, but so far untried: Country Living

     And so beginning Monday, I will bake one cake (or maybe a batch of cupcakes) every day, and getting everyone's opinion.  I would love to have some-one to bake along with me, and then we can compare notes, and have a crowd favorite.  Even if you just want to bake on cake, and make someone's day, I would love to hear from you.  Or if you are just too busy to bake, if you just want to chime in on the pictures, or even better, share your favorite recipe, that would still make my day!

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Amber B said...

Ah, I love this!
Silly question perhaps, what color is red velvet before you add the red food coloring? Is it just brown?
I want to make one now.

the little wife said...

Not silly at all! Most recipes I see you add the red food coloring to the cocoa to make a paste, and then add both at the same time. So actually it's a white cake. But you could also just add the cocoa (if you don't like the taste of food coloring) and it would be a brown cake. So I guess the real answer is its whatever you want it to be!

Lora said...

After I saw this post I had the urge to make cake... so I used the sheet cake recipe to make myself some Red Velvet without the Red... so just chocolate really, but it sounds so much cooler as Red Velvet. Anyways, it is quite a tasty cake! I approve!

the little wife said...

I'm so glad you made it. And really really glad you liked it!! One point for the Pioneer Woman.