Saturday, February 5, 2011

Toddler Skirts and Bloomers

     My second project is The Market Skirt.  These darling skirts were designed by Dana from MADE. I'm planning on making three of these skirts (maybe more if I actually go out and buy fabric rather than using scraps.) That is probably the best thing about this skirts, they take almost no fabric.  So mine are made from an old skirt of mine, a 50% remnent form Joanne's and other assorted scraps from the bottom of my fabric bin.

     I'm pairing my skirts with The Perfect Diaper Cover (also from MADE) since I thought they would be cute, and as they are both sized for 2t, I figured that they would still be useful, at least for a little while. I think all little girl's skirts should come with frilly bloomers.

     This is the cherry skirt, my first one. It's a red material with tiny white polka dots paired with a white print with cherries (both are cotton prints from Joanne's.) I just finished the bloomers. But I'm thinking about adding ruffles on the rear or around the legs, what do you think?

     My next one is the pink and green striped seersucker, with some sort of poly blend white material. The white material is very light weight and is wrinkled. Since the seersucker was a rement, I'm using this light lime color (also a rement) for the bloomers.

     And finally I'm going to use the pink print with a fairly solid eyelet.

     And just as a bonus note, I thought I would share a idea/tip. When I am working on mutliples of the same project, I spend one morning picking out all the fabrics, cutting everything out, and matching trim.

     This way when I sit down to sew, everything is already done and I can make an assembly line.

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stephanie said...

These are so cute! I can't wait to have my own little girl so I can buy all your stuff for her :)