Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ten Things That Drive Me Nuts About You

     I was really stumped for a blog post tonight, so I turned to the husbandman.  One of his suggestions (right after groundhog day) was to write ten things about him that drove me crazy.  I ran with it.  I'm pretty sure he was joking, but it was still a good idea and I snatched it.  So here Husbandman, ten things about you that drive me nuts:

1. You make creepy faces just to watch me twitch.

2. Sometimes you smell funny, and you don't seem to care.
3. You stare just so that you can see how long I'll babble for before I fuss at you to stop.
4. You fuss at me for fussing at you.
5. You're cockier than a rooster with ten hens.
6. You have this weird aversion to pink.

7. Stubborn is not just a word for you, its a way of life.
8. You like angry music.
9. You're concept of "in a little while" is vastly different than mine.
10. You're such a boy!

(And as a bonus, you think there is nothing wrong with anything on this list.)

     This made me feel like a bad person (even if it was your idea! (well, kinda sorta)) so here are ten things about you that make me love you:

1. You're a manly man.  No froufrou guys for me. And yet you can be kind and gentle when you need to be.

2. You're the smartest person I know. And not only are you smart, you are unbelievably creative.
3. You're sense of humor is even weirder than mine, you still get what makes me laugh.
4. You always stand up for me in front of others, even if I'm wrong.
5. You're cockier than a rooster with ten hens.

6. You aren't afraid to be romantic.  And when you put your mind to it, you sweep me off my feet.
7. Loyalty and Honor will never be empty words to you.
8.  You introduced me to techno.

9.  You showed me that the world will not end if I am not always early, and the earth will not explode if everything on my to-do list is not done immediately.
10. You're such a boy!

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