Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stealth Bows

     The husbandman is a very manly man, and therefor is not best pleased with my habit of decorating with bows.  Thus (as I am a hugely girly girl and love bows in all shapes and sizes) I am recuded to adding what he calls "stealth bows" anywhere and everywhere I can.
     For example, I might tie his sweatshirt ties into a bow as we are talking, or tie my straw wrapper around my knife (into a bow of course.) I have bows on my purse, on my tote bag and often wear them in my hair.

     However, I think I am proudest of these bows.  They are by far the sneakiest.  They are on the wall yes, of our own bedroom.  In plain sight. And the husbandman has never said a word. I'm sure it is just because he is humouring me, (after all, they are very small bows in the corner, under a shelf) but it is much more fun to think that these are the stealthiest of all my stealth bows, and he just still hasn't see them.

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