Monday, February 21, 2011

Red Velvet Cake

     Saturday I was bit by the cooking bug again.  (Though I also blame the fact that I found all my mom’s old cake pans when I was cleaning out the cabinets, and rediscovered that we have all kinds of cool shapes from past birthday cakes.)

     Using a recipe from the Farm Chick’s blog, (I’m head over heels in love in case you can’t tell) I made this cake! And it was wonderful! It’s soft and moist, not too sweet and marbled with just a hint of chocolate.

     I have two tips for anyone who wants to make this cake (and this should be everyone, cause this cake will make your and everyone else in your house’s day.)
1.       Even though you know you have red food coloring left over from Easter eggs, you will probably need to buy more.  The recipe calls for two ounces. (Yes two).  I went to town to buy all the ingredients that we needed, and assuming I had enough, I started cooking.  Then I looked down and saw the two ounces.  I didn’t have two ounces.  I have ¾ of an ounce of liquid dye and the scrapings of the bottle of the gel dye.  Luckily, this was enough. But keep this in mind when assembling ingredients.
2.       Ice this cake cold.  Not just cool.  Both the icing and the cake have to be cold. The icing is fantastic, but make with a butter base, and will melt if you try and ice a slightly warm cake because you got tired of waiting for it to finish cooling completely.

     In case all this isn’t enough for you to start making this cake tonight, I don’t have a picture of the sliced cake because it went too fast…
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Amber said...

That looks quite tasty. I rather like red velvet. :) I may have to try that.

the little wife said...

It's fantastic! And so easy. I had never made a cake from scratch before, and it's only another two steps or so, not nearly as intimating as I thought it would be!