Thursday, February 17, 2011

Celebrating "Celebrate the Boy!"

     Today I didn't get anything done, my head was to busy trying to explode.  So I don't have anything creative or cooky of my own to share with you.  However, I did want to bring everyone's attention to Celebrate the Boy! In an attempt to fix the lack of cool/nice/comfortable/creative clothes in the world for boys, MADE and Made by Rae are having a month long boy party!

Image from MADE
     I don't personally have any boy to make things for, but this is probably a good thing, becuase even though I grew up with three very boyish brothers and am married to a very manly man, I'm rather clueless when it comes to what boys like.  (Buying gifts for the husbandman is the hardest thing ever!) So when Celebrating the Boy started last Feburary I poured over it for ideas, and plan to do the same this year.

Image from Made By Rae

     I highly recommend it to everyone, whether you have boys are not, whether you sew or not, both blogs are just plain fun to read, and if find an idea and run with, all the better. They're both planning on/hoping to post twice a day so that they can fit everything in, so you should go visit often!

     Again, the sites are Made by Rae and MADE (which most of you know is one of most favorite blogs out there.)

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Anonymous said...

"Boyish" brothers in the sense that they are all male - correct? Seems to me they are pretty tough nuts, two state qualifying high school wrestlers and a third waiting for high school to get that chance. One is a top ten defensive football player in the state and another leads a university ROTC Ranger company. Just want to be clear on terminology.

the little wife said...

Completely all male. ;)