Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Lesson #2

     The lesson I learned today is one I have learned many times before.  And yet, I think it might have finally sunk in today (unlikely, but I'll believe it for another day or so.)

     Today I made no progress.  On anything.  I sat and took out all the stitches I put on my blanket yesterday...

     They took me two hours to put in.  They have taken me eleven hours and counting to take out.  This is what I have done all day. Literally, all day.

    My seam ripper and I have become very good friends. (The blunt end makes a wonderful stylus for anyone out there who has a touchscreen phone, in case you ever wondered.) I think I might actually have to name him after this, that's how close we have become (but then I'll be very sad when I lose him (which I will) hmmm, dilemma....)

     My lesson for today: it's fun to leap into crafts on the whim of inspiration, but breathe and think before jumping, it is worth it. And take your time jumping, you're doing something you love, why rush it?

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