Saturday, January 1, 2011

my crafting nook

     This is my crafting nook. I'm rather nosy and love to know what everyone else's crafting spaces, rooms, corners, or tables look like, so I thought I would share.  I have bins on the shelves (very recently put up by my talented husbandman) for fabric crafts, paper crafts, and general crafting supplies.

     I have an curtain rod from our old apartment placed through the brackets for ribbon.  Mason jars are hung by their lids (which are nailed to the undersides of the shelf) and filled with buttons, ribbons, bias tape scraps, and safety pins.

     My inspiration board is magnetic and filled with whatever I need in reach. My straight pin container is also magnetic, and my scissors and fabric shears hang by ribbons through their handles.  It is covered with pictures, magazine clippings (I have a thing for house plans) and stained glass.

     My fabric is housed in my hope chest, or is will be as soon as it is done, the cedar keeps everything safe and smelling lovely.

     Madeline stays away from dust under her toile and seersucker cover.  My favorite piece however is my telephone table that I have re-purposed to hold patterns. I love having the open shelf to rest my scissors, pins, and fabric scraps on, and the hidden nook just right for keeping patterns out of sight.  Not to mention that it is delightfully retro and very comfy.

    My current plantlife is very simple, and yet since it is cut, I can't kill it (always a bonus!)  My mom (who teaches horticulture at the local high school) made it for me as a welcome home surprise, and I think its wonderful!

     How about you? What your favorite thing in your crafting space?


stephanie said...

I love your crafting nook! It is definitely you and definitely organized... which you need :P It is adorable and I'm very jealous of your imaginative abilities to decorate and use things like that :)

the little wife said...

Thanks! I'm rather proud of it. I'm hoping it will at least make me look organized, I need all the help there that I can get ;)