Monday, January 31, 2011

Completed Blanket

     I have finally finished the blanket! (Huzzah!)  Hopefully this was just the learning curve, and the ones to follow will only take half the time.  (This is most likely, as I have spent a great of time undoing and redoing.)

     And I must admit that I am hugely proud of myself.  There were a lot of first times on this blanket, and I don't think a prototype has ever looked better.

I have one last tip for you:
     If you decide to use a satin blanket binding (which I'm not sure I recommend yet) raise and lower your feed treads every time (yes, every single time) you you have to move the binding.  This is the only way I could keep the satin from snagging on the feed treads.

     These are the materials for the second blanket (which I'm planning to start tomorrow.) I need to get a better picture of the top fabric to share with you all, I'm completely in love. I have ordered it from every Joanne's in the area (I didn't find it fast enough, and they can only find six yards) to save and use for as long as possible, because I think it the perfect fabric for a little girls room.

      However, I'm having one heck of a time finding a theme for my boy nursery set. I wanted something classic and vintage-esque (like the McCall's patterns.) But most everything I find is either pirates or monkeys and way too obnoxious to be cute. I wanted trains, (or even better, airplanes) but apparently no one likes classic little boy motifs any more. (What is it with the monkeys?) And what happened to red, yellow, and cobalt for boy colors?
     I'm making a pilgrimage to the huge Joannes in Fredericksburg later in the week, hopefully they will have better selection than the one in town here. Does anyone know a good on-line site that may have what I'm looking for?

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stephanie said...

I absolutely love the blanket! I kind of want one. It's beautiful and I'm really excited to see the girls blanket... I know you don't like sports... but have you thought about the cliche baby boy sports blanket? I will definitely keep a lookout for trains and airplanes.

Amber said...
Try these. :)
I really have no idea about the reasonable-ness (yeah I probably just made up that word)of fabric prices but I thought a lot on these sites were cute.
Excellent job on the blanket.

the little wife said...

Amber- Thanks so much for all the ideas, those sites are great!
Steph- I thought about baseball, those prints always seem more vintage. But just didn't see anything that I absolutely needed, like the girls print. I needed that. There was no way I was walking away from it.